Cost: £24.00

  • ROUTE – Out and back
  • DISTANCE – 10 miles
  • TIME – 5-7 hours
  • ASCENT – 702m
  • GUIDED – Walk with experienced Mountain Leaders
  • DIFFICULTY – Moderate

The Roaches takes it’s name from the French ‘les roches’ (the rocks), which until around 100 years ago, was the name this area was known by and it’s quite obvious why it’s been so aptly named.

This unique and impressive wonder of rock formations that lies in the Peak District gives us a fantastic ridge line making it one of Britain’s must go to places, which is reflected in it’s massive popularity with both hikers and climbers alike!

On a clear day, the views are stunning, taking in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire including Tittleworth Reservoir, the southern Peak District, Kinder Scout and parts of the Cheshire Plain even including Jodrell Bank!

Our Roaches walk takes in Hen’s Cloud, Rockhall Cottage, which is magnificently set into the hillside, Doxley Pool and Lud’s Church, a beautiful Chasm which is a must see for anyone walking the Roaches.

Come and join us on this truly iconic walk in this unique Site of Special Scientific Interest with it’s diverse landscape and sights and it’s protected wildlife such as the Peregrin Falcon, the world’s fastest creature reaching speeds of upto 124 mph as they dive to ambush their prey from above.  Look out for  Red Grouse and Green Hairstreak butterflies also!