Standing tallest at 1085m, Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) is the jewel in the crown of Wales’ highest mountains.

It’s near perfect pyramidical shape, surrounded by classic geology, glacial lakes, massive cliffs and the legendary knife edge ridge of Crib Gogh, makes for absolutely breathtaking scenery.

Snowdonia is steeped in history and mythology. In Welsh folklore, the summit of Snowdon is said to be the tomb of the giant Rhitta Gawr who wore a cloak made of men’s beards, and was slain by King Arthur after claiming Arthur’s beard.

According to legend, Arthur after being fatally wounded near the summit, passed his sword Excalibre to Bedivere to throw into Glaslyn, where Arthur’s body was later placed in a boat to be carried away to Afallon.

Glaslyn was also said to be the final resting place of a water monster, known as an afanc, which had plagued the people of the Conwy valley. They tempted the monster out of the water with a young girl, before securing it with chains and dragging it to Glaslyn.

Let us guide you up in a fun and safe environment and learn all about Snowdon from our nationally recognised, fully qualified Mountain Leaders, who are knowledgable in all aspects of the mountain, including myths and legends, flora and fauna, and its world renowned geology.

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There are several routes to choose from, each with their own characteristics and level of challenge…